Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sucker for punishment

Mother nature and I have a love/hate relationship. She hates me and I love to use colourful four letter words when I talk about her behind her back. All day today the rain just lightly came and went, barely enough to even make the roads look wet. What happened when I got home from work and planned out my route? It pours of course.

Since I refuse to go back on the trainer, ok if there was a tornado coming I will, changed routes and bikes. Took the cross bike out to the crappiest gravel roads that were uphill into the wind. Wow, does that not sound like the line that our parents used to us. I figured if I was going to suffer through my intervals I might as really make it hurt. Partly for me mentally, partly to prove to mother nature that she can't stop me from being out there.

Touring home on the rail trail after the work was done what typically happens, sun comes out. Oh but not on me, it continued to rain on me but the clouds cleared out on Georgian Bay. Perfect.

It's looking like my favourite woman is planning on some great weather for this weekend. Should make the first Ontario Cup fun.

Couch time.

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Mysty said...

If there was a tornado darlin, you would be in the basement hoping like heck that the trails weren't ruined so that after it hit you could do your ride...