Friday, April 24, 2009

ummmm????? this and that??????????

Down day, easy ride. That was about it. Took the main Anthem X1 for one last ride Have a strange noise coming out of the drive train. Of course this bike has spent more time collecting dust than dirt.It has 3 short rides on it, it will be fine!!! It did feel fine pedaling so I'm not to concerned. Just have to send it to Dave at Georgian Cycle on Monday.

Preride tomorrow morning, I'll try to have something exciting happen and even take pictures of it. The Molly Monster will not be impressed about having to stay home this weekend.

On the trail riding front, drove past Copeland Forest on my way home today. Someone has been out there raking. For those that don't know, Copeland is linked to Horseshoe Valley and that's the venue of the first Marathon race. Lots of climbing that day.

More tomorrow.

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