Friday, April 17, 2009

poke poke poke

I was trying to think of something to babble about when it came to mind. Let's poke at my favorite taunter and his team.

This started last weekend while riding with my coach. Aww to be on the trails. Well her boyfriend happened to be riding a 29er singlespeed and I had been mentioning about wanting to try one.

See my elbow??

So the conversation went a little like this.

Me: I really want to try a 29er, something to play with
Jason:They are a lot of fun, ride different blah blah blah
Me: I was thinking of emailing Peter to bring one for me to try at the 8 hour
Jason: I'm going to be racing the 8 hour's solo on singlespeed this year
Me: Cool, abusive on the body?
Jason: Sorta, I have a Rocky Mountain on it's way, much smoother than this bike
Me: You can never have to many bikes
Jason :Actually I'm going to sell this one
Me: How much??
Jason :$000(can't tell you but it was really cheap)
Me : Sold!!!

Do you think I'm ready to be a script writer in Hollywood? Even for a B movie? Ya I know stick to fixing things and riding bikes. Anyways, met up with Heather last night to exchange a bike for a bunch of rocks, cookies and single socks. I'll get the bike set up this weekend at some point and go for a tour. It's a base to build on or at least something to swap components over to another manufactures frame in the future.

I'm not interested in racing a 29er or a singlespeed, well for now at least. Mr Stowe has laid out the offer for a 24 hour next fall in the singlespeed division. Possible? Let's deal with this year first. I've heard the Misfit guys play dirty when they see a different singlespeed company on the trail. Guess I better pick up the pace when I'm on the KHS.


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