Thursday, April 30, 2009

She finally won

Came home from one of those days at work that I just was not in the mood to go outside and suffer. Mother Nature finally won. I caved and road indoors today.

It was cold and raining a little to hard for me to deal with mentally so I instead stayed warm and dry and watched a movie for just under 2 hours.

Watching my neighbours laundry blow around helped remove all thoughts of a last minute decision to play outside. This was probably a good thing though.

Had to be the same arm that i landed on at Mansfield when I crashed. I'm feeling a little twisted up right now between the shoulder and my new exterior vein. All is good though, I'm in to see one of my favorite abusers to more. Cindy is a great massage therapist and she will get my shoulder feeling better in no time. The legs are feeling really good again.

The weekend is shaping up weather wise. Maybe now that Mother Nature has a point in her pocket she will lighten up and start bring in some warmth for more than a day. Doubt it.



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