Sunday, April 19, 2009

The not so lonely miles

I know it is officially spring when the email's come out for the official Saturday morning group rides start. I think they need to change the calender to our schedule. Anyways, this year there was a major push for changes. No hammerfest.

The last couple years the group numbers have dropped rapidly because the pace would be driven up to absolutely crazy speed that most were not capable of maintaining. I am just as guilty as a couple of the other freaks. Those thoughts of, "I'm feeling really good today, let make them pay" and start running in the upper 40's into the head wind till everyone pooped. That changed for this year. Perfect.

I had a long base ride planned for yesterday and it would be nice for it to be more then me and my ipod for a change. I like people, sometimes. I headed out an hour early, I needed some miles alone to focus. I rolled into the LBS to see huge numbers. Nice. Tim went over some of the new rules for the group ride and kinda nicely hinted that the fast guys are going to be the responsible ones controlling the pace. HMMMM does he remember who he was talking to???

The route was out through Awenda Park, nice. it was a great pace and I spent the whole time at the front. This was the first time I really got to see where were my legs were at compared to others. I'm happy. It was nice having a big social ride. Of course there always has to be one point of uncontrollable immaturity. That would be the shoe tree that is no longer a shoe tree. Someone took them all off and wrecked a 20 year tradition.

Anyways, my weakness came over me. I was way at the back of the pack when I saw Rob Nishman start to accelerate and then the blue Mountainview jersey follow. Heather please don't read the next few lines. I caved and said I gotta go. Clicked a few gears and hammered up to Lee's wheel. I did leave my planned zone 2 for the ride. Rob is everyone's favorite lead out man. He drove the pace up in to the high 40's low 50's. I was out of gears put it that way. Heart rate dropped and settled as he sped us towards the shoe tree. It was still a couple km's away. So why did I go?? Because Lee and I are friends and team mates, oh wait he is my enemy in Ontario Cup and the enemy deserves no mercy.

SO what happened, we broke around Rob, both standing and trying to keep the power down on the wet roads, neither one of us could power ahead of each other. Lee had a lead going into the sprint being second wheel and kept a wheel length on me as we crossed the line. Neither stronger or weaker, it's going to be a tough season.

Regrouped just long enough for most of the crew to turn to the left and head back home. 4 of us headed straight out towards Thunder Beach. Things settled down for the rest of the ride. A quick stop at a friends to top up bottles and it was down to Lee and I for some extra distance.

Riding his pretty new Trek. Nice ride even if it's a Trek.

Any road that doesn't have traffic is a great road.

Coming back into town Lee ramped it up, I just grabbed a wheel and tried to keep my heart rate down. Easier said than done. Another refill at Lee's and I headed out for the last hour towards home. 6 hours total, lots of laughs, one blip of competitive weakness and some happy legs.

Heading south today to get some trail riding in. If you are still drinking coffee check out my buddy Ben's site. He has caved and started a blog.


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