Monday, April 20, 2009

She's watching me

I couldn't resist, did the pack the car thing again this Sunday and headed south.

Clear highways are great.

Fueled by coffee

My training partner

The destination.

I really wanted to spend some time on fast flowing trails with the race next weekend and Albion is one of my favorite places to ride. I kinda thought it would be important to get one more ride on the main Anthem.

A few member of MCC were down for training. I road with them for an hour before they went off to hammer out their lungs, Lee and I turned to the left with the Molly Monster leading the way.

I was feeling my legs on the climbs but overall I felt really good. Of course I was watching how hard I was going. Albion was in great shape. Some new trails have been cut. I can't wait till Solstice. I use this as my excuse that I was scoping out the course.

Getting the lactic out of her body.

We headed over to the start loop of the 24 hour course when I thought, lets do last years 24 hour loop. It won't take long. The biggest reason I have a coach this year is to keep me under control. Tell me when to shut things down, when to go hard etc. I was having way to much fun in the trails. I swear Heather pulled out her Matt on a bike voodoo doll at the hour forty five mark and shut me down. Now here is the interesting thing. She loves me so much that instead of stopping me she did the better thing and gave Lee a flat tire.

That ended our ride pretty quick because who would actually carry a spare tube or a pump? Why would you need one? It never happens. Coasted back to the car, shot the shit with the crew and then headed home to give the bikes a good scrub and tune.

This is what will be sitting in my pits for the 24 hours this year. I love my Anthems. This is the best climbing bike I've ridden, the suspension smooths things out like a freshly paved road. Oh did I mention that they just look fast sitting still.

For those that went to Paris to Ancaster, check out Andrew's report on it.

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The Vegan Vagabond said...

tubes and pumps are for suckers.
looks like a fun ride!