Thursday, November 12, 2009

All in a name

With the long shadows of the fall and the even longer amount of time spent indoors I decided to take a visit to the local OSPCA. Of course you know what that means. I needed some additional entertainment so I brought home this little monster.
I've yet to figure out a name for him. He came with Barney but I'm just not sure. I've thought Bonk because he likes to headbutt things and it's a cycling thing also. Still not sure so here is where I will leave it up to you. Through me some ideas, I will then put up a poll and the winning name will become permanent.
He is strung out, like any kitten. Very vocal, like most kittens and his owner. Him and Molly are getting along, of course the Molly Monster voiced her concerns about someone else taking some of the attention away from her.
Work then ride


vanderbike said...

Morning Matt! what a cute dude. I saw his pic and thought you should call him "misfit" if he likes to head butt things then he's hard headed like us single speeders, just a thought. peace P.s. hey molly luv ya

The Vegan Vagabond said...

How about Ringwald. I like Headbutt or Scratchy too.

okay I could do this all day so I'll stop now.

He's amazing! Oh man, I want one too. Happy for you.

Anonymous said...

Please don't do the cycling name thing. That's so not cool.

Anonymous said...

How about:

Crank? (actually, I kinda like crank)

"Here little nipple. Come on's dinner time."

Andy said...


Anonymous said...

Max. (as in Crossmax)

Anonymous said...

How about "Watson", in honour of AWI's man crush on you.

Kim the Misfit said...

OMG so cute.

How about Relic? As in, he stays just outside "Molly's Reach"? Y'know, from the Beachcombers?

Meh, you're probably too young.