Friday, November 6, 2009

The friends you keep

Last night was the first of many cold weather Thursday movie night. It may change days but the idea is the same. Had a few of the Monday Night something crew up to the house which of course some say is in the middle of no where. Just because it's not surrounded by 20,000 other houses doesn't mean it's isolated. We have running water and hydro.

What was interesting is where the mini tour of the house finished and what seemed to be the highlight of the house. My place is pretty cool being a 1930's home, lots of character. So after the normal living area stuff we end up in the basement. Nope, no axes came up and the basement is not creepy. Where do we end up sitting and staring?? At the first project I took on when I moved in last year.

With some friend's it's the sun room that they like, with others it's the fireplace and living room area, but with my cycling friend's it's the bath tub in the basement that had them all staring in awe. With winter coming and and the crap that is on the roads the thought of a salt covered dirty bike and the chore of cleaning it never amused me much. Come in and trying to warm up and you have to head right back outside with buckets of water. Awww the enjoyment of standing out in the sub freezing temperature splashing water on the bike and yourself hoping to get the worst of the grit and salt off. At my old place I resorted to this once or twice. Let's just say that it would not go over to well with most. Some wives, girlfriends, etc would not be to impressed about seeing a bike in the main bathroom.

My suggestion, lose the laundry tub, who uses it??? With the snow coming anytime and those long miles put on slat covered roads means lots of cleaning afterwards. I much prefer to do this in the warmth of the basement while having a beer. I think Jeremy may get lucky since his wife seemed to be drooling over the bike wash tub than he was.

So maybe after showing off my bathtub I can now understand why they have this really pretty washers and dryers. I can now see a few friends standing in the laundry room around a washer going ohh and awww just like we were staring around a dirty bath tub with bike cleaning stuff around it. I guess it's the friends you keep on what you like.

I'll be using the tub for sure when I get back on Sunday. Heading to the great white northish to the lady friend's cottage for a little canoeing, hiking, resting and yes riding. The NRS-1speed will be beaten on this weekend. Hopefully some ;good pictures and a story to tell on Monday. No I will not be racing on Sunday but if timing is right I will be there to cheer on the last race.

The sun is out, need to stare in awe!!!

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Tammy said...

Our next house will definitely have a basement bathtub... I can't imagine Liz minding, but it mmight scare off future renters