Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The perfect night

Well conditions wise it was for my first night back with the Monday night crew. So what are the perfect conditions, cold, rainy, dark, with slippery trails. A few people bailed/forgot/sick so the numbers were down. Mr. Watson and Tristan were the only others to line up with the Molly Monster and myself.

They have, semi slicks, mud tires, dry tires, studded winter tires. Why has a company come up with a tire for fall to deal with leaves. You know that every gear weenie would want a set. You could even have a wet and dry version. Last night there were a few times I would have liked them. Pretty much every time we were going up. The comment of the night "you just have to put the clutch in a little on the slippery climbs" My current response, "I don't have a clutch, I need all the power i have." Just under an hour of excitement, with the small numbers and the perfect conditions there was not much in the line of socializing after. A little to chilly for the normal apres beer.

This is the first step of getting me back in the grove for training. Reminding me how much fun it is to ride in the trails, roads, outside etc. With winter coming I'm going constantly think about these rides during those crappy hours that I'll be spending on the trainer. My road bike and the vomit machine are now setup and ready to roll in the sun room. The surround system is ready to be turned up to the max. My collection of movies has grown all summer. If I can get a few more trail rides in before Mother Nature turns nasty I'll be happy. Everything I need to make life indoor training easier.

The trainer is the toughest place to be, I'm not sure what is worst, intervals or those 3 plus hour endurance times. For now, I'm not going to think about it and get as many outdoor rides in as I can. Of course this will be after more coffee.


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