Sunday, November 29, 2009

Still Waiting,

I'm starting to get a little impatient. At first I thought Mother Nature was just being nice to me. No rain on the mid week evening rides, still above freezing, still no snow. The later is the problem. I kinda want snow at this point. I look at my skis everytime I head into the basement to grab a bike. I know I shouldn't be complaining. I'm currently watching sun go up which means the temperature is going up. Hmmm no skate skiing again today. Dam, guess I will have to ride a bike.

Maybe it's the need to have something to write about. Snow, skiing, etc will be good, crashes to talk about in the first couple weeks. Right now things are pretty mellow, base miles, zero intensity unless the hill forces the heart rate up because of the the lack of a gear or of the fitness. Even the training time is still mellow. I need snow!! Christmas is coming, we need snow. Need to do the family tradition of skiing or snowshoeing on Christmas day. Remember what happened last year? I'm still trying to forget. With out snow that means boredom.

I know I'll be bitching about to much snow once it happens and how I hate snow blowing my huge driveway twice a day. How I would much rather be cutting the grass instead of shovelling all that white stuff. How I would much rather be playing on single track instead of track set but for right now I want snow!!! Oh and it has to be sunny all the time and only snowing at night. To much to ask??

Speaking of snow and skiing, Check this out. Jordan is one of our Mountainview Cycling Club members who has made it to the big time on snow and is now racing for the National team. It's funny but back in my downhill ski racing days, we had a saying ski Mountainview ski the world. Jordan is proving it to us.

Alright I better get off my ass and go ride a bike. I have yet to find the right glide wax for grass.

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The Vegan Vagabond said...

I think I'm ready too. Trails are pretty wet...might as well be covered in snow.