Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hey it's a race, maybe not

Yep there is a race this weekend. I won't be there though. The Wizard of Wheels Winter W.O.W. is a great event. I've done it in the past but I'm skipping t this year. I need a weekend around the house to get the last of pre snow things done. You know things like making sure the snowblower is working, move more firewood, get the rest of the storm windows on, that kinda stuff.

It sounds like it will be perfect weather for it. Better than last years epic event of pushing the bikes through the snow. This year looks like just above the freezing mark at start which means fast single track. Yes I still debate but no I will not lose the debate to peer pressure. A couple group road rides are planned at this time to keep me to my plan. It sounds like the single speed division has someone showing up very highly motivated to destroy the Empire.

Training wise, it was back at it last night with a mix of weights, lets go up and down stairs with and then do more weird body moves with foreign objects in your hands followed by push up and chin ups. I'm a cyclists, do I really need an upper body?? The nice side was the 40 minute warm up outside on the cross bike and the cool down of some yoga. Start and finish are always fun the middle part always hurts. Hey that's just like racing!!

I'm currently sitting on the couch pouring vasts amounts of coffee down my throat looking out the window. I'm staring at water drops on the window and a cloud filled sky. Well maybe in 9 hours from now it will clear up for my 2 hour ride, that or it's another night of the drive-in bike theatre.

Fingers crossed


Kim said...


Also, your poll is refusing to accept my multiple votes for Relic. I think the number of votes has actually DECREASED. Admit it, you've fixed it so Watson will win.

vanderbike said...

Sounds like the anti race was awesome, I am really bummed that I didn't make it but, hey what can you do. Sounds like you drank enough for me so I feel as though in spirit I was there

Anonymous said...

You realize Bob Roll's nickname is

"Bobke" and not Bobski, right?

Matt Spak said...

Yes it's bobke but the website won't let me change it because there are votes in.