Monday, November 2, 2009

Getting back on the horse

That's right, time to ride the bike, start training, start planning, wait back to basics start having fun!!! I was happy to turn the cranks 4 hours this weekend and even Mother Nature seemed to cut me a break so I would enjoy it more.

Saturday had me heading out in a crazy wind storm but at least it was dry. Looked at what to ride and debated but with this coming up I thought I had better test the NRS-1speed and make sure I'm not going to break something 5 minutes into the ride. Kept things pretty mellow with a mix of atv and snowmobile trails along with some gravel roads.

It took a few minutes for my legs to start moving again but started to feel good in no time. Even mixed the Vasey line hill where I got to see my heart rate rise a lot higher than anything I've done in the last 2 weeks. I forgot how well the old Giant climbs. A little rip around power line trails and I was heading for home. Big smile on my face. That's all it takes.

Sunday's plan, trails. With snow in the very near future the first thing that goes are the trail rides. Loaded up my still dirty Anthem, I did take the race plate of it, put the dog in the car and headed to Copeland forest. The sun was out and that's all it takes to get people outside. I could see from a distance that the parking lot was packed. Lots of horseback riders and then as I pulled in I spotted my buddy Rob's van. He's still here, no headphones and ipod today!!

A few minutes of conversation and I ask are you ready?, We have to wait for Bill. Awesome!! i haven't ridden with Dr. Bill in a while, it's going to turn into a great day. I know Copeland well but Rob could tell you where each rock, root and stick is in that place. Great tour guide and it meant I just had to pedal not pay attention to where I am going. Their ride plan was basically the same as mine. No lonely ride for me!!

The trails were in great shape, everyone seemed to be taking advantage of the no rain day. Hit a few of the big climbs along with some great single track descents to make the ride a challenge. Again i saw the heart rate creeping up high but it felt good. An hour into the ride like usual my body started to feel really good. Yep, even with rest my body is a slow starter.

Hit the top of the ridge, with all the leaves down the view was amazing. You never realize how high you are in the valley except for this time of the year. Would explain why there are a couple ski resorts on the other side.

Two happy riders

One happy tired dog. The focus in her eyes!!!

Finished up at the 2 hour mark with a now dirtier bike than I started with. One more project to deal with when I get home from work tonight. I will be under time restraint because it is the return of, well for me at least, Monday Night Something ride. Rain, shine, snow, sleet etc. Should be a fun night with stories to be told.

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