Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It doesn't seem right sometimes.

Well I rubbed the curve with the weather tonight and was able to get a solid 2 hours in outside. It was a great ride even though it was pitch black when I left. Ok, well maybe not fully black, I had my way lite by Christmas lights. Yep Christmas lights on in November!!! Maybe I'm a scrooge, wait ya I am but I thought that the turning the lights had some sort of rule of Not Before December!!!!

Of course there was more than just one house lite up brighter than a Vegas. I actually enjoyed the silence and concessions where the homes were following the rules. Now the part of the ride I really did enjoy, the smell of burning wood. Lots of us up this way heat with wood, it's not that we don't have a choice but the smell is just so nice.

Kept the ride to low rolling hills, the legs were feeling a little tired still from the weekend and I was also not feeling brave to throw myself down a long steep hill at where I would be riding way ahead of my lights. I know I have the option of using my brakes, actually that's not an option but a last resort.

Still did what needed to be done with some time after to start the monster garage project of installing fenders on to a cross bike that was really not designed to have fenders put on it. Let's just say I was very very impressed with what I was capable of doing with a couple screws, some zip ties, and a hack saw can do. It was more getting the clearance for the cross tires. They are a little more aggressive than needed which means they are perfect for snow, ice and slush. Unless I'm skiing the plan for this winter is all endurance hours will be done outside on the bike. I'm going to stick to that plan!!! Ok, I will try to.

Cat up date, I think Bobke is on EPO and Speed. I'm still waiting for the UCI to stop in for a urine test. There is a sample currently in the kitty litter ready to for them that a very well paid off stray homeless cat offered up. Can't have Bobke getting a two year ban. It would ruin the fun of watching him drift corners and launch through things at full speed that the normal car would walk through.

Time to break an appliance, later

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