Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Awesome enough for 2 days

That's right folks, the Antirace was just so epic it deserves a second day of conversation. Mainly it's to the fact that it resulted in me having a two day hangover. Not just a simple oh I'm feeling a little off but more of a I want to run into a brick wall to end the pain type day. The easy pace of the MNS ride last night did clear things up finally.

So a few other interesting highlights. First up is Team Speed. Let's just say that I don't think they drank anything on that ride that had less than 5% alcohol in it.
Very impressed with their hydration methods, may consider switching to that for the next Ontario Cup. Also seeing Ben wear glow in the dark coverall and a old downhill ski helmet on what seemed to be the hottest day of the summer was very interesting.

Next up was the random tree sacrifice. Unfortunately I was the one not hugging them but murdering them for a change A few places during the ride there were random stops along the trail and everyone would grab on to a tree. Nothing new from any ride, well the first attempt for me to do this saw me take out a 6inch thick tree. It somehow seemed to miss everyone in the trail with 500 turns.

An hour later saw me take out another tree, this time with my chain stay as I hopped the back wheel around a corner. Mother Nature I'm sorry, I planted two trees in my yard and bought a bunch of Al Gore's carbon credits.

I don't want to say that this ride was all about drinking, riding and killing trees. There were a few real grown up conversations happening from time to time. One was based on the transition from West Nile, to Sars to H1N1 as the next world killer, Then everyone had a shot.

I did misplace my car for about 15 minutes in the underground parking lot. Don't ask.

It was cool seeing a few old friends like Craig, Mark and Tanya who made the trip from Ottawa. I nice talked Craig hoping that the next time I rip through Ottawa to visit my sister it may possibly get me out of a speeding ticket. Doubt it, will probably have my tires shot out. Tanya had the good night of crashing at my place on Friday night and like usual adopted my animals for the whole time she was here.

Speaking of animals, or more the cat. SO Watson is winning at this point. Out with Andrew for coffee yesterday and asked him how he felt about it. Yep, he is the same as me, a little creeped but I promised the world that I would let the masses vote on this. What I do have the ability to do is create short forms of any name. So!! if Watson wins be prepared to call the cat Wats or Watts or Watson. It's not cheating, I'm just following the OLG's rules.

Sun is out again today, of course it won't be when I get home so I'm expecting another dark road ride, I'm still holding off the trainer.

Gotta roll


The Vegan Vagabond said...
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The Vegan Vagabond said...

Let's try that again.

Thanks for letting me stay and take over your animals. My sleep was non-existant with Molly sleeping diagonally in my bed and Bob** the kitty sleeping on my face.

Bob felt it necessary to rearrange every 10 minutes, kneading my face with his sharp-clawed paws.

Good thing they're both so darned cute.

**no matter what the poll says, he's now Bob to me. I didn't make any promises to your voters.

Andrew said...

1) to previous poster thanks for pulling me up to "the group" with your magical geared bike.

2) im really glad its looking like Watson will be defeated in the poll by Bobkie,

The Vegan Vagabond said...

1) No problem previous poster, anytime. I intended for us to blow by Matt and taunt him but unfortunately you stopped at his group.

2) Have you even seen the kitten, he doesn't look at all like you. He's totally a Bob.