Thursday, November 26, 2009

2010 tenative

Uxbridge Ice breaker 50 km
Paris to Ancaster 60km
April 25 - Ontario Cup #1, Mansfield
May 9 - Ontario Cup #2, Albion Hills
May 15 - Spring Epic 8 Hour, Mansfield solo
June 6 - Ontario Cup #4, Mountainview
June 26-27 - 24 Hours of Summer Solstice solo
July 11 - Ontario Cup #5, Buckwallow tenative
Summer 8 hour solo
August 8 - Ontario Cup #6, Kelso Conservation Area
Mountainview 9 hour solo
August 22 - Ontario Cup Champs, TBA
August 28–29 - 24 Hours at Albion, Hot August Nights 10 man team
Fall 8 hour solo
24 hour U.S. Nationals in West Virgina Solo

That's where things are at at this point. Another crazy year Obviously some races will be in the odd one may not happen.

Wow, time to start getting busy!!!


Anonymous said...

The 24hr Nationals in W Va are scheduled for 2 weeks before summer solstice. I guess it's one of the other? Tough choice.

Anonymous said...

Matt is super human, he can do anything,

Matt Spak said...

Except for be in two places at once. Thanks for the update on Nationals.

I thought it would have been at the same time as this years. Well I will have some debating to do.

Stu said...

US Nats are at Big Bear - a wicked place to ride. The course is full of singletrack, and the dirt is grippy with lots of roots, rocks and punchy climbs.

The only killer is Granny Gear's prices for the race...$340 US for a solo entry. And that's the earlybird pricing!!!