Monday, November 23, 2009

The dog days of fall

That was the thought of everyone this weekend. Could this be the last ride before snow? It's coming so we may as well make it a good one. Saturday had everyone show up at my place for a rip around the Big Chute. Lot's of chatter on the ride about the season past and to come.

It wasn't a totally relaxing ride though, following Tristan is always a little nerving. There were a few random 4 foot drifts that would catch the pack off guard. The guy is fast as long as there are no lefts and rights.

We made a quick tourist stop at the Chute its self

Brendan was staring in aww. Of what you may ask?

Could it be Jacob's sweet new TCR? Nope!!!!!!!!! It's a nice bike and I'm a weee bit jealous since I won't have one till spring. No need on getting it and just staring at it hanging on the rack. The old Giant will do trainer duty this winter.
He was staring at this sign.

There are so many good uses for this.

As we rolled into Port Severn we came to the one car wide bridge. The road narrows but that didn't stop some inbreed Fred in his pickup from trying to pass us in an area there was no room to pass. I was very polite and did not use any 4 letter words, he did back down and let us lead. It's not that he was going far, stopped at the store 20 feet past the bridge. He was having a nic fit.

Just after this there was an unplanned pit stop that left 3 of us a little behind. The only words I remember is Jacob saying that he is pushing over 500 watts. Now instead of us getting a pace line going to catch up we opted for the Nascar 3 across approach. Ya lets just say that after that little intensity we spun back to my place pretty slowly. Forgot what lactic acid felt like.

Pizza, homemade cookies(not made by me) a beer or two and a retro movie finished out the night. Round two the next day with the meet up at Copeland. 5 plus the Molly Monster headed out for a tour of the woods. The trails were in great shape, all the trails including the so called damaged section from the Marathon race 5 months earlier. Lots of stories were told about that and these trails.

We hit the new berm downhills a couple times. Yes, there are new ones. Pretty sure we ran into the guys the built it. I think they could tell by our smiles and the fact that we went back a few times that they made a great trail. Now one of the new sections had this huge as jump, actually there were a few sections that you could catch some good air. Most of us opted to not huck the double.

One thing to be said, Copeland is a mean place to ride a single speed. Watson, Jamie Mathison and myself were riding gearless. Let's just say that there was a little score card on who got off the bike first on a couple of the climbs. I think it was a draw in the end. Brendan and Rob of course did not say a word about a climb as they shifted to an easier gear.

Rolled back to the cars 2.5 hours after starting. The Molly Monster was tired which was going to make the rest of my afternoon mellow. I felt my legs a couple hours later as I attempted the stairs. Yep, love the stairs some days. Another great weekend of riding. Back to the grown up world.

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