Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'd rather sleep

Not me but the dog. Headed out to the normal place at the normal time for the normal thing to do on Monday nights. Molly in her normal spot in the backseat of the car but when we got there things were not normal.

As we got ready to go Molly jumped back into the tail gate with one of those looks, you know the "I don't wanna!!!'" look. And she didn't, I think this was the first Monday night something that she has skipped in a year. Of course she normally doesn't get a hard run the day before.

It was another good ride, I bounced around a little more than normal. I was having a problem seeing the trail, no bar lamp tonight and no prescription glasses. Oh and the course was not taped!!! This of course has me wanting my new head lamp now. It's just a little bit brighter than. Check out the review. Still ended up with a fun ride. As the winter gets closer our numbers seem to increase.

Check out my coach's boyfriend's site Jason Even though he rides for the Empire it should still write something good when he is not drinking the Kool-Aid. Another day, another ride planned. Hoping it's not another trainer session.

Gotta roll

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