Monday, November 9, 2009

The great white north

Great weekend away from the regular grind around the house. Lots of mellow time and it was fun spotting snow patches on the drive up. The weather Saturday was not as nice as it was farther south but I still did the last unofficial ride on the Anthem. One is clean and put away the other was due for some abuse.

Not really knowing what the roads/trails would be like up there it was a safe choice. Once I saw all the bright orange jackets wandering around the bush armed with high powered bb guns I was pretty certain I'd be sticking to trails that resembled roads. I had a little concern that they would not be able to tell the difference between a deer and a skinny guy on an orange bike.

The main roads into and around the cottage are gravel but lots of rollers and turns to keep things interesting. The rare times I did come across another person out there I did get some weird looks. I was starting to guess that cycling is not very popular up this way, then I came across this.

Yes that is a cyclist on that picture. Continued on my planned out loop out to the 518. Let's just say that I'm already planning a trip up here to ride this road on my road bike. Great views, some good climbs and very little traffic.

The sun broke a few times and stopped for a moment to enjoy.

The closest I did get to some trail riding was this.

Of course I made every hunter jealous as i ran into Bambi out there. Kinda startled me as I heard the trees snap when the deer took off in the opposite direction. Spun my legs out after 2 hours and headed back to my hang out for the weekend.

The view was amazing but the lake was a little to chilly to do much more than look at.

Sunday was spent waterfall/rapids searching on the way home. This is where I scoped out the 518 as a ride. What an amazing road. If we keep getting a break in the weather I may attempt to get a good long ride up there before the snow comes.

Tonight, the MNS will be back at it. An interesting thing is the weather is very much a flashback to the winter of last year. First Monday it was crazy warm, like its supposed to be today, the next Monday there was a dusting of snow but still rideable. The following Monday, snowstorm. Not sure if I want a repeat of that or not at this point.

Back to the real world of work this morning.

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