Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Then and now

With all this extra time in the morning, still waking up at my normal time which just happens to be an hour earlier than what time it really is I've spent more time on my computer than normal. I started to look at what happened at this time last year. What set this off? Well I saw snow for the first time this year yesterday. Snow is better than rain right???

So what all happened. I sold my house, bought a new house, rode my bike in warm sunny weather and went to the Barrie Cyclocross race. Well this year what am I doing at this time of year? I'm not selling my house, I'm working on my house, I'm riding my bike in cold wet crappy conditions and I'm going to try and make it to this year cross race. It's being held at Hardwood Ski and Bike again this season. No I will not be racing, the lady friend and I are off to the cottage but hoping to be back before the last race.

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Wednesday Night Something said...

You own a cross bike, but are you going to actually race it someday? We'll even save a spot for you in the front row at the Barrie race. The weather will be nice - promise.

Then again, if your not going to use it properly, give it to Big Ring and he'll ship it to Africa. Maybe someone there will give it some offroad love.