Thursday, November 5, 2009

Not ready to cave yet

Held off the sick twisted control of Mother Nature and got out for an hour and a half ride last night. I am not ready to ride the trainer yet, I'm going to push that off for as long as possible. That means rain, snow, sleet, hail blah blah blah. It's always better being outside than looking like a caged rodent stuck on a hamster wheel as the world goes by around him.

It was just a mix of paved rail trail and side roads. With it dark so early my amount of trust in peoples driving abilities is a lot lower than during the day. The bike is lite up pretty good but drivers have a hard enough time spotting cyclists during the day. Looking at things with a half glass full attitude, the fact it's dark at just after 5 will give me lots of time with my lights. All practise for this. It's time for Summer Solstice registration already. I will say that riding on the road at night is no where near as fun as in the trails.

It's interesting that my start up for training is only 2 days off from registration date. Yep I'll be back with another kick at the can in the solo division. I'm hoping that the Ruppel's have hooked up with the mob and have plans of kidnapping David Suzuki. They could hold him ransom for some perfect weather conditions for 2010 race season.

I'm hoping so because I'm currently doing the major tear down of both Giant Anthem's for the winter storage cleaning. I'm still finding dirt from the mud fest of Summer Solstice. Unless some miracle bike offer comes along I'll be riding the same bikes for this season. More because I really do love the Anthem's and the 2010 does not have any changes that would make it worth doing the update and I don't need the carbon as much as it would be nice.

More coffee needed, stuck in a training seminar today. Boring, hmmm maybe I should be drinking decaf so I can drift off.

This just came across the screen of my computer. You may want to sit down before reading, You may want to take some sort of medication and possibly look at the pictures from a distance to easy the burn that it will leave in the your brain. Looks like Peter has become the paparazzi. Clicky here

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