Friday, November 13, 2009

Better than the trainer

Headed out at 4:30 last night with the sun still sorta in the sky. Those evening rides seem to start at 4 pm now. Headed out the long way to Moonstone which meant some big farm field sections before getting into the hills. It wasn't that I wanted a long warm up, ok, ya my legs were feeling like bricks. I also wanted to enjoy the sun for as long as I could and farm fields equals no trees which meant more sun. Simple logic.

Going once.

It took a good 40 minutes for the legs to start feeling the happy place. Lots of grunt work around the house and work the last few days has played a part in this. Hit the start of the climbs along Anderson Line and took the right onto Stage Coach road. I've yet to find the stage coach but I did see a barn. The hills looked like they were on fire, my video camera doesn't do justice.

Going Twice.

The climb up Moonstone road doesn't seem as long when you can't really see where the top is. Ya wait that's a lie, it still is long. Some rights and lefts back toward Vasey line. An interesting thing was not going up but going down at 60-70 km/h with very little vision. My hands were a little closer to the brake levers than normal especially after having both a cat and a fox (not in chase) cut across the road in front of me. My lights are getting a great workout.


2 hours not on the trainer keeps me happy. A great warm up for this weekends adventure. Will be heading over for the high noon start where I'm going to do everything I can to beat Watson. If your first your last!!!! The long ride will work great to burn off the calories that I'll be consuming after the ride. Hydration is very important!!!!

On the cat name front. Here is the list so far.


Misfit, Someone is drinking way to much of Peter's spiked Kool-Aid. Watch out for the roofies!



Crank ( since that is the one you liked the most)


Watson (because someone else has a Watson fetish besides just me)


I'll leave it open till the end of the day then I'll have the pole up over the weekend.

Work before play


Anonymous said...

Watson or Max - they're both awesome cat names.

Jenn said...

i like watson. it will work well with his "cuz" wilson ;)