Saturday, November 14, 2009

Look Right

Yep, the poll is up. Another name added to the list. Bobski or Bob for short. Why? It's every cyclists favorite American commentator's nickname. Bob Roll keeps me laughing during the tour. I'm now leaning that way a little.

You can vote as much as you would like. It's kinda like a federal election where someone always hijacks it. Vote daily, hourly, secondly. Vote often, aww hell just vote. At least with my election I won't raise taxes.

Bike is ready for today's fun. Hopefully the legs keep up.


Paul Sherwin said...

Dude - it's "bobke" not "bobski". Bob Roll would be offended right now.

See the OLN reference to "ask bobke" from the Tour show.

That's a pretty good cat name - I would vote for it if it was spelled right.

Anonymous said...

Hey - houw about "Sherwin"? That's awesome

Mysty said...

What colour is the cat? Male? Female? You got a new cat? I'd lean toward Misfit - but you have a Molly and Molly and Misfit sound strange together... Molly and Watson though...