Monday, November 30, 2009

Not enough coffee

That must have been the reason for it. Completely disregard yesterday's post. I must have still had that haze over my head when I was thinking that. I had the best road ride yesterday in amazing conditions. The sun was out, the temperature was just right, the climbing was fun and my legs were feeling amazing.

Headed out early, ok well Sunday morning early which means before all the church people head out which meant Hwy 12 was dead. The new pavement and huge shoulder with the rumble strip makes this a road worth riding now. I swear for a major road its probably safer than a back concession now because of that rumble strip. Mix that in with 3 really good climbs, one that is about 10 minutes of steady pitch and you have a great route south.

Made my way through Orillia to catch the tail end of the Snow Flake running series. Huge turnout for the first event. The nice weather may have been a factor, need something to make someone want to run. There is no coasting in running. Blah!!!

Started into the return trip by way of back concessions making my way towards Coldwater. The best way to finish up the ride was to head up Vasey line. I love that climb, it hurts good. After another fast decent spun out the legs on the rail trail. As I came into town I had the quick reminder that my little town of 700 puts on a Santa Claus parade. I was going to have the time to get cleaned up and still make it up to watch. Lets just say that I was very impressed on the show they put on. Great turn out and the kids all seemed to love it.

So my thoughts on want snow, screw it !!!!!! Come on global warming and green Christmas. I'll hint to Jenn and Rick to bring their bikes instead of their skis. I want to ride on clear roads all winter, not waste time snow blowing and shovelling, not have to clean off the car and truck everytime I want to go someplace. After a ride like yesterday where I was smiling the whole time it's pretty hard to get the craving for the white stuff. I didn't even want to waste that little bit of sun by playing in the trails where the trees could eclipse it.

Back to the real world today, lots to do in a very short time. More tomorrow.

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