Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ball 4 start walking

It was one of those days. One of those days that I just shouldn't have even bothered attempting to ride. I saw a few of the signs during the day and tried to ignore them, ignorance is bliss sometimes, other times it nails you like a sledgehammer. Today was one of those days.

Work was work, it was busy but I started to get ahead of schedule, sweet be done a little early. As the calls counted down I almost came to a halt. The few calls that should have been cruise control and quick all became stubborn and awkward. Not more difficult just machines that developed an attitude. I was no longer ahead of schedule, so much for those bonus times.

With work finally done, I was going to have just enough time for my to do list on the bike before heading to physio, or so I thought. Earlier in the day my back began to tighten up, no worries some quick stretching and it will loosen on the bike. That wasn't as much of a concern at this point, a few minutes later I was wandering out the door with Chuck in hand. So far so good, the good lasted about 3 minutes. As I rolled down the hill I knew instantly I was under dressed, hmmm, go back or not? If I go back I will be short of time, toughen up and deal with it. A few seconds later I noticed the next sign of what was to come. Where is my water bottle???? Right where I left it on the kitchen counter just freshly filled. Now what do I do? It's a short workout, water is for the weak. Screw it, toughen up. I continued along.

This was the first true workout in a week, recovery is great but I usually find my body is a little stale on the first day back and today was no different. The legs were feeling blah, this is also linked to my tight lower back which seemed to not be loosening up at this point. It was still only a few minutes in to the ride. Why is it so quiet, no music that's why. I didn't grab my headphones, it's a short workout you don't need music for this. Toughen up and sing to yourself if you need entertainment. At this point I figured all the weak attempts to stop my from riding had come to an end, I overpowered the forces of nature with being persistent in my pursuits, can't stop me now.

Yes they can, less than 7 minutes into the ride I came to a skidding halt. I won't repeat some of the words used but they were colorful for sure as i looked at my back wheel. The wheel itself is fine, the tire is fine, it's that thing in between it that's cooked. This is flat tire number ???, I'm not even counting now. Here I stand on the side of the road debating, I have a pump and I have a tube. I could fix it in a few minutes and continue along but the workout is pretty much not going to happen now. I was pushing the limits of the clock to begin with and this finally brought my ride to a permanent halt. I weighed the options, I knew where my body was, my mind was not far behind and I took off my helmet and shoes and began walking the 2-3 km back home. It's just a pleasant day for a stroll.

Yet another walk/run day, I've seen to many this year. I'm hoping that maybe I'm using them all up now before the race season begins. I still believe that running should only be done when being chased. My body was still fairly unhappy with me and my back was still a bit grumpy. The visit to Physio was needed. I've been burning the candle a little hotter this year, looking at my hours I've actually done more per week this year than last. This has two options of results. I will be even faster this year at the long races or I will catastrophically blow up and die in exhaustion. I do feel better on the bike but one thing I have been slacking on is recovery, the first thing we all seem to slip on. Stretching and rolling is going to be forced back in focus again. Starting tomorrow, ok I mean this morning. I have big hopes this season, hopes for results that top out even last years. Attempts to be gumby have returned.

Coffee is a great muscle relaxant right???

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