Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't screw with Chuck's new shoes

I thought about it long and hard, it didn't make sense at first. As I pulled in the driveway it was, well it was almost nice out. It had stopped raining, the roads were actually dry, the wind was there but didn't seem to make and impact in any direction. Looks like I could scrap my original plan of hiding indoors. The question was why? Why had it stopped. Was it my continued bitching and complaining that Mother Nature is a (fill in the blank), maybe.

Rolled out to now do my favorite thing ever built by our local township, the rail trail. It was another one of those days filled with short hard blasts. Being on the water's edge I'd exp[etched to get blasted with cold wind like the past month, strangely that didn't happen. I could hear the wind and even slightly felt it, but it was strange. It was actually enjoyable and didn't seem to stop me like a brick wall every time it increased. A half second later I was screaming at myself to get rid of that thought, Mother Nature is a sneaky lady and reads minds. Hit the end of the trail and began the return trip still warm and dry and moving at a relatively fast pace mixed in with blasts up to warp speed. I was stunned, I was beginning to remember that I really like road riding.

As I finished up the must do list and coasted to a stop at the other end, it's still clear, hmmmm. Where I would have normally turned right and headed for home I took a chance and turned left. I had to milk as much out of this as I could, it's been a long time since I've really enjoyed being out on the road, I was in that happy place. As I made my way north up the service road a few minutes later I knew I was pushing my luck. I felt the first of what would for sure be followed by many more drops of rain. I put the pedals down, hit Port Severn still dry, turned left and then left again coming back south waiting to get soaked. As I made the last little climb I again felt a couple more drops, rolled down the driveway, walked in the house. Less than a minute later it hammered down.

So why did Mother Nature seem to be nice? Well I've narrowed it down to one of two choices. First off, it could be the hair. I've finally had the first of many summer hair cuts, short and cool. She thought about being nice and not forcing me to wear a toque all the time to stay warm. This seemed like a good option but I think it was only a coincidence. The real reason. Chuck has some new bling and he threatened her. That's right, Chuck is rolling on some sweet white tires mounted on his sweet white rimed wheels. I'm pretty sure that had they gotten dirty there would have been hell to pay as Chuck would have gone all action movie star on her. For her own self survival Mother Nature cleared the roads, the sky and her medical expenses. We should all say thank you to Chuck.

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