Tuesday, April 5, 2011

House Keeping

Can I pick it, a great day not to be thinking about going outside to ride. What is crap conditions weather wise for riding leads to perfect conditions for riding. Above freezing, lots of wind, rain etc etc. All those things needed to clear sand off roads and destroy that snow that is left in the forest. On the home front, many to do things were done, to bikes, to house, to me, to racing.

. The Chuck Norris bike is sporting new cables and its now non trainer based tune. What does this mean, it means on the vomit machine there isn't much in the line of shifting so I really didn't care if some of the gears were a little out, can't have that with the full on thrills of outside training in the mist. Some random work was done on the Norco in my basement and topped out with a rub and tug on the dirty Anthem. Nice and clean.

As for me, well it's a week of getting my body feeling happy again before I start the next block of wrecking it. A great session with Dr. Bill to get those joints all back to where they are supposed to be and I kept at it with another hour of yoga bending a few things that didn't want to bend but should bend. Good progress. Over the years I find it doesn't take as much as it used to get the body back in check, when I put the time in to do it.

Finally, yet another registration detail has been taken care of. The mighty T (Tristan) and I are yet again registered for the 24 hour of Summer Solstice, strong hopes of winning again this year. The arguing amongst us has already began. More on the fact that someone almost blew himself up on the first lap. Not sure who that might be but we are pretty sure that it won't happen again this year, RIGHT!!!

This is a year of new conquests and defending some old ones. Attempts at winning the Victoria 100 is the first focus along with hopefully winning the Summer 8 hour solo. I've had bad luck at the summer 8, crashes, heat stroke, and mechanical have pretty much kept me away from the podium to date. Also a potential win in the co-ed tag at a 24 hour in August is on the new list. That one will be fun, racing with a hot chick, may find myself spending to much time watching her.

On the defending side, the 24 with T, Mountainview and the fall 8 hour all make it interesting. mountain view and the 8 will hopefully become 3 years in a row on the top spot and this solstice thing for T and I may become a permanent thing. Either way it's going to be an awesome season, I'm starting to get a little anxious for it to start. This training thing is getting a little long in the tooth, need to start testing the legs in real world fun. April is a short month right?????

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