Saturday, April 2, 2011

Like watching paint dry

A typical Saturday morning, armed with a pot a coffee I'm staring at three things right now. First this addictive thing called the Ipad as I type away, second is the thermometer. I've got shit to do today, I want to get outside but I'm also not craving the cold. The list of things on the agenda includes some quality time on the bike while meeting up with my least favorite thing, hills. I like part of the concept of hills and I'm good at 50 percent of what hills are good for. Going down has never been a problem, it's that climbing thing that even after so many years i still don't do as well as others.

So, since I'm going to go and abuse the hell out of my body I would prefer it to be warm or at least warmer than it currently is. Suffering while being cold would just frustrate me. Of course it finally being the first nice and semi warm weekend of the spring and with such a busy schedule starting soon this is also a weekend to get things done around the yard, drink some beer, work on eliminating pale white skin, clean cars etc etc. These are all parts of the reason I've opted out of doing Homage to Ice tomorrow. Did I mention that I also don't have much of a craving to do a 50 km hike a bike at the beginning of the season, those epic adventures are a little more fall weather end of season play and not caring type events. Instead a good 4.5 hour endurance ride is in the cards for tomorrow. Anyone care to join for part of it?

The third thing I've been staring at is a pile of papers, this pile leads to debating. The pile includes two applications, one is for a UCI license the other is for an Ontario citizen permit. Now the debate is how many times will I really need the big boy license this year? How many o-cups, Canada Cups, cyclocross races will I do, if any. The debate is intensity training is always in the cards and doing it alone kinda sucks, these races make great training days and will push me more than if I train alone. Of course there is the whole social side of it too, it's so much more fun going fast with others. Then it comes back to how many races will I actually be able to do. I have said that I'd love to see what the new provincial course will be like, of course there is the Canada Cup at Hardwood, etc etc. The list grows, so much for me thinking it would be a chill race season this year. Between mine and Shannon's races the weekends not at some event is at a minimum.

So the debate will continue for at least another day or two, more lead to the fact that I don't feel like going to the office to use the fax machine on a weekend. Time to stop staring at the papers and focus my energy on make the temperature rise, a little easier and seems to be more successful. Coffee is getting low, just about that time.

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