Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pedal Pedal Puke

It felt like spring yesterday, the sun was out, the wind wasn't freezing the body instantly and I was climbing hills with my eyes crossed. Over and over and over. I'll admit this part of the reason I love the long races over those vomit inducing short 2 hour races. Climbing is never done at this intensity or if it is it's short lived. Either way the business of doing it must be done and as mentioned I hate climbing, it's not fun and anyone who says it is has a serious problem. The only reason I do it, the downhills.

Racked up nearly 1800 feet of climbing in the course of 40 minutes which in Ontario means only one thing, going up and down on the same hill Vasey line hill was the weapon of choice and only being about 15 minutes from home meant that if I died there was a strong chance that a local would recognize the body. on the side of the road they would call the right list of people. No death this time but rubber built legs by the end of the session and I continued to motor along for another couple hours rolling back to the house 3 hours after my last coffee.

There will be more climbing done today but at a much saner pace, my pace, 8 hour race pace, my favorite pace, tempo pace where I can stay forever with a smile on my face. With multiple destinations on for today should be a good day, sun is up again this morning. I'll attempt for some pictures.

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