Monday, April 18, 2011

Only used part of it.

The weekend has come and gone and winter was supposed to be gone but had come again. Never really got what they depicted but it still sucked. Managed to sneak a bonus fun ride in on Friday. It was nice out, if you could call it that so loaded up the dogs and headed to the big backyard for an easy ride. Just after our arrival in the parking lot Andrew Watson appeared out of no where with this growth attached to his head. He;s upgraded his status from movie critic to movie maker. A little rip around the bottom trails before hitting up the berms, the new Speilberg wanted to video it. Down we went, dogs in chase, come to a stop at the bottom and a stunned look on Watson's face. We have to do it again, I didn't turn the camera on. I do believe that there were many more oscar level movies made but that line was used.

Followed up with round 2 where he was triple checked on pressing record. Cool nose wheelie landing for me over a jump, burped a tire, kept it real, didn't crash. Didn't want my face on youtube. Finished out the ride just shy of 2 hours, the dogs are in check for more. Watch out. That was the highlight of the weather, the low side came Saturday. Looked out the window more than once and delayed my attempts for abuse more than once. Finally said screw it and pulled down the rollers and a movie. To say I was happy it was a short work out is an understatement. I was not looking forward to Sunday if it meant indoors.

Morning came and there was snow. The thoughts, well in some cases it's better than rain. I again delayed my start till late morning hoping things would clear up. No luck, I'd put a few options out and kept smashing each down. Road ride, no the 1000 mile an hour wind and random snow squalls would almost guarantee certain death as I'm blown into traffic. That was one of many, finally put down the answer that forced me to put the full time in. Loaded up the hard tail, drove again to Copeland with a big loop planned.

The parking lot was empty, the trails ended up being empty to. Earphone in, podcast turned on, off I went. Turned left, the start of the next 4.5 hours of mainly single track. Long climb out of Copeland before crossing H.V. road into another grid. More climbing to be done. Found myself on a few new trails and followed them to the end. With the time I had to spend out here, there was plenty of chances to get lost, back track and continue along. Eventually made my way over to the 8th line grid for a loop around.

Just over the mid way point now. Found myself a little nervous when I heard an excessive amount of gun shots in the distance. Not just a couple then nothing but what sounded like drunken target practise. When i finished up the loop of the 8th I saw a pile of shells, yet more concerns because this wasn't where the noise was coming from. Took my chances and hit up the trails where I may or may not get stuffed and hung on a wall. The shots were gone, they could be hiding, I rode quickly.

The return trip was uneventful, avoided overlapping any of the trails I went out on. As the time added up I began to remember why I race on my dualies for long races. My back was starting to feel a bit beaten up by the chatter. I'll be back on tem on the next adventure. Rolled back to the car 4.5 hours later, riding through multiple snow storms but protected from the killer wind. Felt good, body tired and hungry but content. Much better than riding the trainer. Much better.

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