Saturday, April 9, 2011

Prep for the ride of all rides

It's that time, I'm watching the thermometer. I have a happy number which with the sun is pretty low before I wander outside. The focus today??? Get the legs fired up and feeling good because there are big things in the mists come tomorrow. Getting a little feisty in them will be needed for sure with the annual pancake ride turn non pancake pancake ride happening tomorrow. This could be the most serious group ride of the season, forget the importance of World Cups, Canada Cups, 100 milers and 24 hour events, this one leads to inner team bragging rights and continued reminders will be brought up at any given time during the season. . We all remember some of the highlights of last years when the Twins attempted their lame Shake'N'Bake move multiple times for sign sprints and were shut down hard on each attempt.

So what's changed, the venue for one. After hearing about the crap excuse of pancakes that have been served this season our usual destination point has lost this group, for this year at least. Lot's of research of the area and no suitable replacement was found and after some group conversations my place was donated to the great cause and the Big Chute Loop will be the ride of choice. This means the route I know like the back of my hand and my choice of the sign sprints. This is a good slash bad thing. I know when I should go, of course knowing this means I have a slight advantage but not enough of one to cover up for a power deficit. Of course the women will be sitting at the back of the group watching the immature antics. Hopefully they'll be armed with cameras and cell phones with 911 ready to be dialed.

There are rumors that the twins may be riding the mandem and this could be turned into a warm up for Paris to Ancaster. They have a focus of not just winning the tandem division by a huge margin like last year but to hopefully destroy the field finishing in the top 20 overall. Of course Sir Watson will need to use this also as training because this is the best warm up ever for the South Africa World Cup. As for me, I'll be rolling on some week rested legs which should give me a little bit of an edge, I'm telling myself that now for a confidence boost. In the end the food will be worth it.

The best part of this, this is only a quarter of the excitement I have in store for me this weekend. There are big things a stirring, more on that soon. Coffee is getting lower, thermometer is getting closer to the plus mark. Just about that time.

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