Friday, April 15, 2011

I got a pass, I don't want this pass

Not looking very impressed with what is supposed to be coming the next few days. Fear that the trainer and the rollers may be my best friend this weekend as is the tv in the padded room. Shannon may need to put a lock on the door to keep me in there long enough to complete what needs to be completed with random drops of food and water. Chuck doesn't like water and after last weekends thrill I'm saying that I put enough toughen up boy hours in over the course of the winter to get an indoor pass. But do I really want that pass?

After yesterdays romp in the big back yard and remembering how much I love to blast through single track going back to the road will be hard enough, onto the trainer will be absolute torture. The big backyard is in great shape, put in a solid amount of tempo climbing in the first hour, roughly 1200 feet which is pretty easy to get in Copeland with the second hour about flow. It was all about flow and smiles. Body is feeling a little bit better, need to stay proactive on it though.

I'm already scanning the movie collection , what series am I going to watch? Roughly 8 hours of potential indoor hell to deal with. Maybe Mother Nature will be nice and change her tune for me. Maybe?

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