Thursday, April 7, 2011

A new perspective

I have to stop complaining about it, especially after yesterday. Made my way into the valley yesterday for a short ride, everyone has there own idea on what short is, with Jacob. Now the emphasis here is on the word valley. Valley means hill, hill means climbing, into the valley means down the hill. That means climbing out of the valley to even start.

I've always complained and starting an finishing on the hill. I live on a hill. My previous house I used to live at the bottom of the hill but was saved when they paved the rail trail, I moved about a year after they did that, back to a house on a hill. I used to think my hill was a pain in the ass to deal with. Always trying to figure out the best way to finish up a ride but it usually meant that after great cool down there was a short effort, just enough to put your heart rate up to 7 for a few minutes. Of course there was always option B and that's getting off the bike and walking it up the hill. I've had a day or two where that crossed my mind, of course pride and the neighbor outside cutting his grass kept that from happening.

After yesterday though I can't complain about my little mole hill of a climb, not anymore. What Jacob has to deal with on just about every ride tops it off. Ride 2 minutes, roll to the stop sign, look left big hill, look right, short down hill then big hill, look forward, trees. Shit. Now for anyone knowing Horseshoe Valley area, yes I should have been more specific from the start, you know there is a ski hill there. It may be a crap hill for skiing but on a bike that hill can feel like a mountain. We took the lesser of the two evils yesterday and managed to stay somewhere in the middle of the bottom of what could turn vomit pace very quickly, deciding factor was staying calm. It also happens to be a very busy road and at certain times of the week a lost over anxious tourist filled freeway of bad drivers. It only takes one car buzzing by to jack the heart rate and cause you to climb out of fear or madness. Both ending with the same result though. A sprint to the top with no warm up.

This time was uneventful, the ride in general was sane. Body was still feeling some effects of the last 3 weeks. I really wasn't expecting an instant recovery but was feeling better. Some weekend planning and races were talked about. Just shy of an hour and a half later and a very fast downhill cool down, one perk is the 70 km/h plus return to the house. This again can be scary depending on the time of the week. We did ride into a little snow, some choice words were used. Hopefully that was the end of it.

A little later that day I pulled into my driveway, looked to the left, looked to the right. HMMMM, it's not really that bad is it. More thrills tomorrow.

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