Friday, April 29, 2011

the right bike at the wrong place?

The weekend is upon us, the first O-cup is this weekend and I'll be there. Sort of. I'll be rolling on The Chuck, not any type of off road designed bike. Timing this year has O-cups on the very bottom of the list of to do's. Mansfield though will be very entertaining, the rumours I've heard have the elite race turning into a Canada Cup type proving ground with team Quebec crossing international boarders into the land of the free. I've even heard that riders from even farther east may be flying in. So the plan is to put in a good day of training with Tristan with a mid ride stop to see the start of the 1:00 race.

Mansfield is always that race that everyone comes out and riders way harder than they should off the start, blow up and then play damage control, finish and remind themselves of what not to do for the rest of the season. It's always entertaining. It will be strange being on the sidelines. I find it always weird being a spectator, there are some races, like cross that I have no problem with it but mountain bike events that I can race and I'm not is something I'm just not used to. I might enjoy it. Probably not. I think though this may be the case for a good chunk of the short races this year.

In other exciting news, Doug is home, a few pounds lighter and in back to normal spirits. surgery is fine. On an additional note, the Molly Monster had a complimentary X-ray done yesterday. The vet was curious on why she recovered so well and able to run and play like she has all winter after her accident last summer. What the body is capable of is still amazing. The bone mended it's self, without the help of surgery. The vet's were amazed and happy, I'd be curious if they will pass this info on to the surgeon that wanted to cut Molly open and do multiple things to her leg with no guarantee of success.

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