Monday, April 4, 2011

The first dirty bike

I needed to be a little clearer, it was the first muddy bike of 2011. The better side of it was that it wasn't road mud, it was trail mud and it was trail mud that I wouldn't get in trouble for wrecking a trail. initial plans for the ride yesterday had Copeland forest as one of the destinations, Tired legs and a slower pace made that pretty much impossible for the time I was allowed to get there and back, so I brought on a new challenge. Snowmobile trails, since there was pretty much a 100% guarantee that OSFC would probably not have any members on them I had no risk of being smoked by fast moving sled.

After 5 months of indoor training and road riding, with a couple bonus days, to be on what would be considered single track for many felt awesome. It was a little mental wake up call also, huge ruts, logs, rocks etc at times meant your direction had to be picked out early or it was hike a bike crash in a rut. Took a few seconds to get all the small muscles firing again also and my hands found it a little strange with all the braking. Then came the fun of climbing. You get spoiled when you don't have to think about traction. The sled trail was a mix of frozen gravel, snow, ice, and pine needles thrown in for good measures. Rare time I was smiling while climbing.

After an hour and a half of this I rolled back into the driveway for refueling and company, Big Chute Loop with Shannon and DeathMarch Liz. Kept the pace sane at first then each of the girls took their turns ramping it up. Now had this been a typical Top Gear rule ride with the boys someone would have been blown up and left to fend for themselves as the rest of us motored along. Not to day, the ladies set the pace, I just rode along. Another great ride, twice around the loop in the last couple days. Both were sun filled and topped with save the world conversations. Not a bad way for spring to start.

A couple quick stops near the end of the ride including a preview of the deck that the MNS pub ride will be enjoying in the next couple weeks. For those looking, a restaurant will be opening up shortly in Port Severn, right on the water beside the locks. The Owner is looking at putting in bike racks, great beer on tap and even vegetarian and lactose free meals. Can you say new local hangout with a huge deck.

By the end i rolled in with 4:45 of pedaling time, a good way to finish up a 3 week block. My legs are pretty tired and rest is needed, i felt that when Shannon and I went for a walk without he dogs along the backyard horse trail single track. Looks like it will be rideable in the next few days, once the legs have some rest. Thunderstorms today, lots of rain, a great evening for cleaning a bike and working on more of the next big thing.

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