Sunday, April 10, 2011

May cause nausea

The day started out normal.

A good solid breakfast while amusing myself with lots of technology. It tasted great, I would find out a short time later. Yes the Maytag Man loves his coffee cup. Rolled out Chuck who is now back armed with power, tap. Made my way down to the rail trail for that fun little blast I have to do after every week of chill. Sorry no photos.

The ride it's self was a loop to Midland by way of the rail trail turn left up a big hill, turn left again after the big hill and return to the rail trail. Now the trail is normally used for recovery, not today. Random blasts at random picked wattage outputs for random amounts of time. Some hurt more than others did, some made me taste my toast. Multi grain turned multiple digestion.

An hour and a halfish later I rolled back into the house with my legs hating me. It's about the way they normally feel after this. Hopefully they'll be ready for another training block, hopefully. The next round of thrills came after lunch. We drove a few minutes to the west of the house to yet another flat non car driven piece of pavement. Why??

For this.

So here is the rundown, I have never been in a plane, ever. I've seen one on tv and of course I've seen Top Gun more than once. Well after a couple failed attempts because of Mother Nature's attitude the weather was perfect. I'll admit that I may have been just a hair bit nervous, but of course the excitement overwhelmed it.

Jumped into the front seat and stared at the dash. First question, where is the cd player???

As we rolled onto the runway I battled shaking with excitement. Of course I looked around to see if there was a Bugatti or something else cool hanging around for a Top Gear challenge, no such luck. A few minutes later we were airborne, it took me a few moments to regain bearings of the body. After that I seriously wanted to take my seat belt off and run jump around the cabin so I could stare out every window, kinda like little rat dogs do in the back of a car. For the next 30 minutes I couldn't stop smiling.

We flew over my house, this was just outside of Waubaushene.

I could have stayed up there for hours and would have been content to fly in circles, not this time. Back on the ground I still was armed with a smile from ear to ear. A huge thank you to Shannon's parents for flying up and turning my into a little kid. Did I get a little nausea, lets just say that the bike ride earlier caused more than the small amounts of jarring in the plane. A good quote of the day came from Sir Watson when I sent him a photo of where we were. "That's not a plane, that's a car with wings" Pretty much and now I want one. I can't wait to go again.

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