Friday, April 22, 2011

Bling Bling

They have finally been retired, my road shoes have been slowly going down hill but I've been in denial about it. They are like those comfy slippers, unfortunately though they were starting to be as soft as slippers. Add to it that the straps were starting to slip a bit and of course the cleats were due for replacement. It was time, time to be the backup or rain shoes. A trip to the Bike Stop didn't help either.

The new kicks, they're shiny. The Chuck likes them, not as much as if they were white but shiny silver is closer to chrome and The Chuck like that. With my new kicks strapped on I headed out for my day's todo. It was cold, plus 1, it was windy, north west wind of the bay yet again, but it was sunny. Now normally I would be wearing booties but with new shoes like some young kid I didn't want to cover up the flashy. You know where this was going. First half of the ride was not to bad but things started feeling a little frosty. Of course the new shoes have some added features that once it's a little bit warmer will be fantastic. Right now, well, they just sped up the time it took for the bottom of my feet to turn into ice blocks. Simple reminder for me, grow up, keep the feet warm.

The Chuck will be rocking some new style also, some more flash will be coming it's way in the next day or so. Training continues. Some good winter miles will be put in this weekend, eventually it will warm up.

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