Friday, April 1, 2011

Not fooling around

I could have done something for April Fools but I'm just not feeling that creative this morning. Anything that could be comical has already happened, the cat not being a he but a she is a good example. Doug the Lady Man, I have to admit I wish he would have been a ladies man like Bob.

In the cycling world, nothing to exciting in the last few days, some solid training, some racing decisions made, some snow not melted. Weekend is almost here, a couple good rides in the works with options depending on weather and how quickly I want to get out of bed. Coming to the end of another good block of building and a well needed recovery week, the agenda is there already including summer tuning of the Chuck Norris bike and reinstalling of the power tap. There will be no more trainer days, I hope and the return of number watching will be outside.

I need coffee, I need to be fueled for the next big thing. It's in the works.

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