Thursday, March 31, 2011

A good start

It was one of those days, twisting of ones arm was barely needed. I believe it would have been ten times more difficult to persuade someone to stay in door and ride on a day like yesterday. It's not that it was an instant summer day but compared to the past couple weeks it was perfect. On that alone my solo group ride turned into a small team ride of 3. Not bad, of course this meant we had to ride something cool so it could be none other than the Big Chute Loop with some added km.

Chill ride was in order as one of the group members has some big race this weekend, no that's not me, Homage to Ice is at this point going to be a dream instead of a reality for me in 2011. We did keep things on the sane side of things for the first 40ish minutes before the first real test of the legs happened. Does anyone know what the top speed of a Boxer is? To clear this up I mean the 4 legged time. Everytime we stood up to sprint away the dog matched the acceleration. We went faster so did he. It was to nice a day to become a chew toy for the mutt. Not this day.

That was the highlight of the ride even though there were many other cool things seen including what could be the future AWI Racing team vehicle. Gotta love a retro duallie pick up with a V-8. A few potential team events were discussed including seeing the coolest race kit ever on the World Cup circuit. Now the low light and scariest moment of the ride. One of the sign sprints where there was actually a sprint, to this point they were all pretty lame efforts, it was time to make it up.

To say I'll be happy when the weather is warmer would be an understatement, partly it's for my own safety. So my booties have a tendency to not let my cleat fit perfect into my pedal, there is enough of the bottom of it to create resistance, this in most cases isn't a problem but full out sprinting efforts has a tendency to not have enough contact. About the third to fourth rotation my right extremely powerful leg decided to overpower the grip the pedal had on my cleat. Somehow I managed to not superman launch myself over the bars in the direction of the town limits sign or crack my boys on the carbon. This action though did have results, everyone stopped sprinting, I regained myself, clipped back in and continued to take the sprint. If you can't beat them with raw power distract the shit out of them with something spectacular.

There were a few other sign sprints that are still to be heavily contested that they are unofficial and of course we had to run down some guy riding a french made bike with reflectors, to say that it was the return of our usual immature fun group ride antics would be a good description. This is just the start of 2011, it's going to be a long and interesting summer.

Side note, good luck Sir Watson at Pan Am.Championships, AWI Racing slogan in effect. You can blame it on Jacob and I if need be.

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