Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pictures can't even describe it

It was a rare time that I didn't head out with my phone/camera/computer/mp3 player swiss army knife thing because a photo would be needed but still couldn't visually show where I was playing. The sun was out and as much as it's chill week there is still some work to be done and it wasn't going to done indoors. Armed with slippery sticks and spears I made my way over to Hog's bay for a hopeful skate ski.

My concerns the condition of the bay were always there. Not that the ice wasn't safe but more the layer of ice on type of the ice may be a little unusual. With a little bit of snow sitting on top in places it looked like it would be potentially great conditions. It was. It was also visually stunning. With the sun reflecting of the ice from a distance it looked like hundreds of mini lakes with the landmass snow covered. Being chased by the Molly Monster we skied around the lake, again and again and again. At times I wondered if I'd brought the right equipments. I felt I should have swapped my 184 Atomic's for size 10 Bauer's and my carbon spears for a carbon hockey stick. Forget skating around the mini lakes, it should have been arousing snow land masses while chasing a puck.

A hard right turn had us skiing around Methodist island, this is when I saw them. The tracks of the infamous wild island hopping skater. They are a feisty group I've been told and are usually behind the lens so are never fully seen. Someone else had the same idea as me earlier int he day. The amazing sun was amplified by the openness of Georgian Bay. Not a lot of trees out there to sit under unless you want to chill with an old Christmas tree that's been used for markers.

Just over an hour of this before calling it a day. The temptation was there to Energizer bunny it but time restrictions wouldn't allow for it this time. The clock is ticking on that long ski, still hoping. On a side note, smack talk has begun on what has been called a group activity involving many members of the MNS crew. The low down to come.

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