Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It hurts, I kinda like it.

Sometimes there is a fine line of enjoyment. Everyone loves to go fast but going fast comes at a price, pain. It was the first attempts at some upper end exertion last night with some attempts to add that turbo to my notorious diesel engine called my legs. Not a lot of acceleration but once up to speed they can hold on very efficiently. Well the blast last night made me hurt, that collapse on the handlebars and try not to ride off the road type hurt. Was it fun? NO!!! Will I do it again, yep and I'll try to go harder the next time.

I must admit that I prefer the long slow hours on the bike starring at the scenery, I believe that most of us do. It doesn't seem to give us the wobbly legs to the same extent but is needed. Luckily for this guy being some sort of an endurance racer high end intensity really isn't a huge part of my program, I just ride, lots.

In other exciting cycling news some rumors are a few steps closer to truth about the team that everyone wants to be on. Can't say anymore than that. The countdown is also on for the Pole, Pound and Pedal. Still lots of room to join in the fun. Have heard through the grapevine that a certain race course designer may be tossing his hat in the ring, hopefully the hysterics will get the best of him and take him out of contention. Skate ski prep will be done tonight, feeling that conditions are going to be pretty constant from this point on, ice chunks which pretty much means any type of wax used will pretty much be shredded off in the first couple hundred meters. Bike thoughts will be easy, hard tail, the only debate will be pedals, flats or clipped. All this prep won't do much because in the end the snowshoe is going to just blow up the group. Only a few days left, come sign up and watch Team Awesome get eaten by wild animals.

Coffee needed, another day of play tonight.

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