Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Could it happen? Will it be a hike-a-bike running race instead? I'm starting to think about Homage to Ice. Winter is just not leaving as fast as many had hoped and I know the areas to the west of me got hammered with more snow. Currently the big back yard is still in a screwed up transition between xc skiing and mountain biking. In other words its a no play zone. What is the Mansfield area like right now? I don't even think a heat wave would kill it off.

So this will put me in a bit of a dilemma, do I plan for this race or not. Last year was a lot of fun but it was also 20 degrees race day and the snow had been gone for a couple weeks. Unlike the original Icebreaker race which was more roads and double track that was cross bike friendly Homage is a single track type race or at least last year was. Could there be changes? After my brief bit of running last weekend my craving to do any other type of dismounting from my bike is pretty much gone. Running is stupid, running through snow with a bike is more stupid, yes grammar people I said it.

Unfortunately I don't think I'll have a chance at a venture out that way before the race date of April 3 to see how things are looking. What to do, what to do. Come on Mother Nature, play nice.

quick date

A huge congratulations to my little sister and brother-in-law . Gabrielle was born late last night. Now being the twisted man I am, Uncle Matt is already looking for the most annoying battery powered loud toys on the market. Just kidding. Congratulations Jenn and Rick.


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