Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wind avoidance

I showed a sign of weakness for a minute or two yesterday. After spending the day outside for work I had very little craving to go back out there on the bike. I was tempted to stay inside and spin the the comforts of the padded room. We didn't get the snow that the lucky ones to the south received, had that been the case I would have been given an get out of outdoors pass. It was only cold, cloudy and topped off with a steady wind. As I debated while in the office doing paper work, I heard the comment, "don't be soft". Excuse me??? This came from Mom, great I have but no choice to go now.

It's true though, it hasn't been great weather the last couple weeks but yesterday was a mini blast of winter flashbacks and it meant it involved a 15 minutes plus work out just getting dressed with multiple layers before heading out on the roads. Now these would have been that type of day that hopefully in a month from now I will have this option. I would have played in the bush. In a day like that I would have loaded up a xc bike and found myself playing in the the single track protected from the wind on trails made of chocolate. Yes the trails in the big backyard have a few secret ones that are laced in chocolate and the rocks are actually gumdrops with licorice logs to hop over. unfortunately for me they are all still buried under a foot of snow.

On the road I went, cross bike became the choice and some new road searching was the agenda. I did find a new paved road and a new little town that I had no idea that even existed. I found myself on a section of Ingram side road that isn't paved to date but when it does get finished will be an amazing couple km with lots of turns and a couple good climbs mixed in. It also lacks traffic, a great bonus. A few more lefts and rights with some climbs up hills like Moonstone road the ride was interesting for sure, it was more based on avoiding any type of head wind for an extended time, yes still showing a sign of weakness. There was a little reasoning to be done on that though. It was minus 5 without the wind, minus 15 with the wind according to the weather reports. Does that really give me a pass, not really but I'm using the fact that my cold weather immune blood has now thinned to spring weather thickness and a cold blast seems to chill me much quicker than in January, even with the help of hot pockets.

Some how I managed to not freeze to death and put in 2.5 hours of left and rights mixed with ups and downs before rolling back into the driveway to thaw out and crash and burn. The cold seems to suck the energy to stay awake out of me at this time of the year and the heat of the fireplace took over. Some well needed rest will hopefully have me revitalized for today's adventure in the currently rising sun. Hoping that it's warmed up by the time I head out for some pedal time.

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