Monday, March 28, 2011

Around the Bay

And around the rim. One was successful the other not so much. A busy week of training was topped of with a trip to Hamilton for there famous 30 km running race. No I am not turning to the dark side, Shannon has. She like to run, I like to watch from my bike. This event is huge and once I dropped her off I wasn't sure if I would see her until the end. Something along the lines of 7000 crazy people who have not realized that there is no coasting in running. I tried not to tease as I rolled by on the Chuck Norris bike.

I went and played on the race course for a bit, it was nice having the road blocked off completely, then proceeded on my way to Oakville. Why, just because it's there. A completely uneventful Sunday morning ride in the city, little traffic, a nice sun, etc. The return trip was some more of the same. I made my way back to the mid way point of the race at what should have been the mid time they had planned. Little did I realize that all runners look the same and they all seem to have shopped at the same store because everyone seemed to be wearing black.

After watching some 1000 plus people go by with no glimpse of SHE I continued on with my ride in the race course reverse direction. Easy plan, reverse loop back to start then head backwards on the finish line stretch playing chicken with all the runners. HMMM, it's a good plan. Well someone felt it wasn't, I was about 5 to 6 km away from Copps Coliseum when I heard and felt it. Gun shots. Great a Sunday morning drive by and I'm stuck in the middle of it. If it was then Chuck took one in the foot. The back of the bike when all loose. Rolled to the curb, yep Chuck has developed a gangsta limp. I'm pretty sure it was the race organizers that shot him. Lucky for me I came prepared, Settling on the stoop of some random building I figured I'd be back on the bike in a few minutes. Then I saw it. Something that had me just a little concerned. There may have been gun shots but this is looking more like a knife wound.

The seam let go just above the bead. HMMM this is a challenge. I sliced a chunk of the old tub off, tried to line it the best I could between the tire edge and the new tube and put some air to it. Yep it bubbled, so much that I wouldn't ride it at a good air pressure. Let more air out of the new tub until the balloon became more of a distortion. So 5ish k from the car, a torn tire that may or may not make it, let the challenge begin. I couldn't risk putting any more weight on the tire than possible, so I stood, leaning as far over the front as I could. Every once in a while I would feel the bubble touch the brake frame, I pedaled as quickly but safely as I could weaving my way through the streets of Hamilton looking for my savior called the car. I didn't feel like walking my bike and there was nobody around to pick me up. i had to be successful. Blocks rolled by and I saw it.

Safety. I sat for the first time in 5km as I rolled in the parking lot towards the car listening to a very rhythmical thump as the lump hit the brake. I waited for it to blow, not this time. A quick change of clothes and I headed to the finish line looking like everyone else cheering. No big game of chicken this time. Runners were safe. I did see Shannon motoring along about 1 km out and then crossing the line in the coliseum. She did amazing. I think she has something longer in mind now. As for Chuck, he is currently on the operating stand waiting for a new tire and some clean up. Poor Chuck showed he can be cut but on a tougher note, he didn't bleed.

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