Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekend continued

It was so jammed packed my head was spinning and of course my body was aching, it still is. Sunday morning had me heading out to ride some new roads, not the "take a random left turn type ride" but a brand new playground. After some google maps play time plotting a loop it began, it was a race, a Top gear inspired race. I was going to ride a slick black carbon fiber road bike on the side of the road about 45 km. Shannon was going to to use public transportation for half her trip (her Mom was driving her to Trent University) where she would then run beside the river while being pulled by two dogs. The destination, Lakefield, the prize, ok so there wasn't really a race but it just sounds cool.

The plan was to meet up if possible. Armed with 3 bottles of the good stuff, phone, and double stuffed hot pockets in my booties I was off into the crisp morning. 3 minutes later Shannon went by in a car with it's heat on, cruel. the dogs in the back seat seemed to laugh at me also. It was time for a turn, being in a new place I went right. Good roads for the most part and once I got 15 km north I pretty much had the roads to myself. It was great being in new scenery, of course that meant I would have a problem. The route I was taking was fairly simple but there were a few optional turns, or that's what it at least said on the map. I should have zoomed in a bit more to see some of the detailed streets instead of a rough overview. First random turn to the left had me about a km up the road before I stopped and pulled out the trust pocket computer, yep the gps told me if I went this way I would be lost and die. A few minutes later I was back on track.

Some good miles in and there was another left turn, this time I paused a little and turned to the super phone brain yet again. Don't go up there, you will be attacked by the Wild Zebra clan of the Kawartha's, they will see you on a black and white bike and think you stole one of their children for transportation. Death was certain if I made a left. I continued in the right direction with Lakefeild now getting closer. As I came over the crest just a couple km out of town I slammed on my brakes. Now coming from cottage country myself I have seen my fair share of mosquitoes, I've been north and seen bigger but this one scared the shit out of me.

Luckily the cold temperatures had him stunned enough for the photo and my narrow escape. As I rolled into town I looked in the distance. Yep I'd lost the race, as Shannon and the two dogs strolled along the edge of the trail waiting for me. I lost to a runner and public transit. The cycling world is shamed. But maybe not, there is still the return trip home. I put the pedal down, and another along the Trent Severn's edge. A random local roadie attempted to grab a wheel with me as I went by, I'd have none of that, I was on a mission to regain cycling domination. About 30 minutes later I was looking at that gps yet again. Some things didn't match up to the real streets in front of me. Eventually finding my way, I motored along finding myself into some good hills as I got closer to the starting point. My legs were feeling a little trashed, understandable.

I rolled into the driveway, I heard the barks. Yep I lost again. It ended up being a nice 3.5 hour ride and 95 km plus or minus a few with the back tracking. Nice to play in some new areas, it will be great to put some more miles in there once the weather is warmer. For now it's back to the big backyard for a few days. Legs are just starting to feel good again after a great visit with Dr. Bill. The countdown is now on, how long till the snow in the trails melts? I'm craving some single track.

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