Thursday, March 3, 2011

I heard a rumor

I've heard rumours on something, it's not a great thing. I'm hoping they are not true but at this point it's not looking like a repeat of last year. It also would mean a couple predictions would be wrong. It could mean a longer period of doing something I did yesterday. Please tell me that they aren't true.

What has me troubled? The spring predictions, I heard yesterday on the radio that the little rodents may be wrong. It isn't looking like an early spring, in fact that environment Canada has now predicted a colder, wetter than normal next couple months. Am I impressed with this, hell no. This means potential more time on the trainer than I would like. I'm sick of the trainer, as are many at this point of the year. Could it be a spring like a few years back were it never got above 20 degrees until June? HMMM hopefully not. I can deal with the cold but I need sun.

I'm hoping that like usual nobody can predict what Mother Nature is thinking, if the rodents can be wrong hopefully so can the big brains at EC. Good controlled work out on the vomit machine, as much as I hate it, it was a better choice than riding in the crazy winds. Until the trails clear it seems that this will be the only option on those days that the winds are strong enough to pick up small frail cyclists and throw them around like feathers. Today is looking a little more inviting for outside play.

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