Friday, March 25, 2011

Broken brain, one track mind

Coffee is the word of the day, sun is a close second, cold finishes it out. I'm craving trails more and more. Melt dammit, dry up, I need to play. I love the road, it's great but I need to mix things up. I'm a xc country rider not a cross country road rider. Mother Nature, I'm pleading a little to you now. Please warm things up, please let the evil snow go away, I'll by you a coffee. It won't even be a crappy coffee from some place that has a normally packed drive thru where you hear the term double double. (shiver) I couldn't do that to myself I wouldn't do that to you when bribing. I have some of that good stuff to share.

This brings back some flash backs of a couple years ago where the snow held on till a week before the first O-cup. I found myself driving a couple hours south to find some snowless single track before the race. Hopefully it won't be a repeat of that, I'm babbling, I need coffee, I need the snow to melt, I need to ride my bike, actually I need to ride my other bike.

Melt dammit. Sanity may return tomorrow. Probably not.

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