Saturday, March 19, 2011

An unusual thing has happened

Could spring really have arrived early? The sun is out, the roads are clear, the windows are down in cars, the roadkill has returned and one of my cats is now doing strange thing. So the pair of Bob and Doug may be having some problems. Bob is well, he's just Bob an eating machine that is has been just storing up his energy for his return to the outdoor world once I open up the cat door. He is manless, removed and less aggressive, there will be no little Bobby's running around. But I can't open free outside adventures yet.

Doug as you know was yet another adoptee of the OSPCA, He's pushing about 8 months now and the bond between the two cats is amazing. Well there is a problem with Doug now, it's called spring fever, the problem is it seems to not be a manly type of spring fever. Doug may not really be able to be a Doug. Doug may be a ladyman not a ladies man. There may be good reason that Bob and Doug get along so well, Bob has been waiting to get a piece. He new something that the clinic did not. Why didn't he speak up during the naming process? His vote would have out trumped all.

So now it's a waiting game until the he/she stops shaking it's ass in the air for that fun trip to the vet. The stories of the animals in this house hold continues. Bob the cat that's a little bit of a disappointment to his species in the intelligence department, there are always some out there. Who lives to eat, he is good at it. Who can beat down any dog with only his eyes, lucky for them he stops with only the eyes.

Molly Monster, the semi retired power house of the single track. Has travelled far on any given day. Who is know as a drama queenish butch dyke. Must run to every corner of the property barking to scare away the zombies during the day and the goblins at night. Who has stared at a gnome for more that 10 minutes. Who has come back from a broken leg fitter than in previous years. Was nicely called more muscular than usual by some guy on a single speed during her out of shape years. Has wiped out most of A.W.I. Racing.

Rogue the part time living new addition. Molly's bitch. She is in her college experimenting year and is swinging many different ways. the dog that sits in the car facing backyards to check out what happened in the past. The one who decides when she things it is in her best interest to come, usually a few minutes after you call her. The one that when standing on her back legs only very much looks like something that escaped from Area 51. The new one to teach how to crash out all of A.W.I. Racing. The new U23 MNS dog.

And of course there is Doug, the ladyman. The false identity cat that has a sock fetish. Who climbs in the toilet. Who does a beat down on Rogue just because. The list is long of the things he/she has done in the last 4 months but of course this indecision on what sex he/she is supposed to be has topped out everything. The good thing is that Doug listens when you ask him/her to shut up from the I wanna get some calls. All this started yesterday morning. Looks like it's not only cyclists with spring fever.

The run down of the race will be up hopefully tomorrow, it's an action packed weekend.

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