Saturday, March 26, 2011

Regaining feeling

Well my one track mind was screwed up enough not think clearly about what I was doing. Had it been focused on the big picture I would have never even considered removing the bike from the trainer yesterday. It looked nice out and when I was leaving it seemed not that bad. It was an illusion.

The wind turned mean and I turned weak and grumpy. A wonderful north east wind coming off Georgian Bay. Now some of my friends to the south have already said they didn't find it to bad. I guess when you're 30 km south of the water it detunes things, for me it was full force cold. Still managed to put in a 2.5 hour ride and it took roughly an hour to thaw out.

It was one of those cold winds that just exhausts you, my face was dried out from the wind burn, my hands lost all functionality even with the new warm mitts and hot pockets. Cut through it like they weren't even there. My arms felt like I'd done 1000 push ups, yes I'm whining. The deed is done, I must remind myself that it still is March and back in my skiing days when there were still real winters I've been on the snow until Easter weekend. It could be worst, just shut up and ride your bike. Time to break out the cold cold weather gear again.

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