Friday, March 11, 2011

Signs of spring?

With the spring like conditions it was a rare time to day I was content being indoors on the trainer yesterday as I attempted cheap parlor tricks of one legged things and high speed hamster wheel spinning. I looked out the window the whole time as I watched my driveway turn into something that looked like a jellyfish in its transformation.
It will hopefully transform back to gravel sooner than later. The weather does have me wondering what type of conditions we may have for next weekend, it also has me wondering if the guilt has sunken in to many as there seems to be very little response to my post yesterday from the 3 teamsters. Did the solo division grow a little?

I know I shouldn't be complaining about the rain, it's the best way to kill snow in the woods. It's also fantastic at salt and sand removal from the roads. I have hopes at riding the Chuck Norris bike in the very near future, so much so that the power tap has received a new round of batteries and after tonight he will find himself removed from his chained in winter location, free'd from the grip of the vomit machine and brought downstairs for the spring tune up clean up.

There are other signs that the cold must be close to an end, yes the rain instead of snow sign is a good one. This is a better one for me.

When this pile is gone so is my heat.

I also received a goodie box from Infinit yesterday, filled with long distance training mix. Long outdoor rides here we come. Preparation is
everything, ok Mother Nature I'm prepared for warm dry weather now give it to me dammit!!!!

Yes there is more firewood around, the outside rack is still stocked, the furnace could come on, etc, etc but don't tell Mother Nature that.

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