Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Man date

This sounds strange but it makes sense, I had a date yesterday Shannon may be a little jealous but she will understand I hope. Who was it with? It was a date with Chuck. It's been a while since Chuck and I spent some quality time together outside of the house, I've been keeping him locked away hidden from view concerned on what the neighbors might think. Well yesterday was the day he came out of the closet(padded room) to let the world see the love. Of course like the real Chuck Norris if you look at the Chuck Norris bike funny he will go into full on judo action and then launch rockets at the terrorizing subject grandmother's house. Chuck is bad ass like that.

It was a dual purpose ride, one was based on yet another good collection of endurance miles which included some good climbing while en route to Hardwood to put my 5 dollars , or what ever the entry fee was, into the ring for this weekends action packed event. After getting a few updates on what could or couldn't not be included in the course there may be some game day decisions for bike set up, snowshoe choice and how many spikes will be attached to the side of the skate skis. After a few minutes more chatting than planned I turned back out to the wind. Side note, don't just watch this race from the side line, be in it. To say it will be entertaining will be an understatement if you have ever seen any of the antics of the MNS crew. Might I remind you that we tackled a racers during a race, just because.

Continued on the return route towards home, this time with the second thought in my head, the search for new roads. As I motored along Horseshoe valley road I I did a brave thing and turned left. It turned into a great Nascar turn and success. Con 11 north is yet another paved dream that was done last fall. Absolutely no traffic, I road I'm the middle of the road for a bit, just because I could. Some good climbs mixed into this including a great short steep one at Warminster side road. The battle for traction versus forward momentum was had as Chuck has so much power that he could shoot rooster tails from his rear tire, I was just along for the ride. A few more random lefts and rights and I rolled back into the driveway. 3.5 hours of quality time with Mr. Chuck and the legs were feeling good.

I learned that the battery in the Power Tap display does not like below freezing temperatures, After the first hour it decided to not work. Of course Chuck puts out so much power that it's unreadable. For those wondering if I have a little to much love for the Chuck Norris bike, yes I do. Of course there could be creepier things.

Like this. Meet part of Team Awesome. Nothing more needs to be said.

They left in this truck, look closely you can see gold flames on it. Exactly.

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